Current fields of interest:

  1. Project management, specializing in the development of world-leading technologies in the physics of vacuums and torsion fields, alternative energy sources, power transmission, transportation systems and communications.
  2. Integrating ideas through the fusion of scientific disciplines. Innovative solutions through cross-science R&D in the life sciences and nanotechnology.

Current positions:
2013 – present: Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla Scientific Foundation, President
2009 – 2013: Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla Scientific Foundation, Vice President
2004 – present: META MED Co., Ltd., Thailand (Novel technologies in Medicine, Life Sciences, Nanotechnology)
2007 – present: Federation of Thai Industries – member
2007 – present: Thai Russian Business Council – advisor
2006 – 2012: Union of Thai Traditional Medicine Society (under Thai Ministry of Public Health) – adviser
2004 – present: Quantum Medicine Association, Russia – member
2001 – present: UVITOR Co., Ltd. (Universal Vacuum and Torsion
Solutions), Russia, Thailand co-founder, CEO.

Professional experience:
Assistant Professor at Moscow State University (Russia)
Researcher at the Philological Department Laboratory on dolphin intelligence.
Advisor to the Office of International Affairs of the Rector of MSU, Acad. Rem Victorovich Khoklov (A Rector (“ruler”, from the Latin regere and rector meaning “ruler” in Latin) in the sphere of academia is the highest academic official in the former USSR and Russia; in other countries – a Chancellor or a President).
Professor at the Diplomatic Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Russia) 1978-1990.
Deputy Head of the Trade Mission of the Republic of Philippines in the USSR 1983-1985.
Sibir International Co., Ltd. Import-Export Company in Thailand. Managing Director (Co. with over US$5 million turnover/year)
Thai Transstroy Co., Ltd. (Infrastructure Company in Thailand). Joint Venture with Corporation Transstroy (Russia). Executive Vice-President.
Accomplished the constriction of the Bangkok fly-over railway bridge
ISTA Co., Ltd. (Innovative Solutions for Technology Advancements), Thailand, Managing Director.
NANOMATRIX Co.Ltd, (Supra molecular Nano devices.), Co-founder, Director, Moscow , Russia 2002-2004
UVITOR Co., Ltd. (Universal Vacuum Inertial and Torsion Technologies), Russia, Thailand co-founder, CEO.
Meta Med Co. Ltd. Thailand – (Quantum Medicine, Nanotechnology, Biophononics? Psy-tronics), Managing Director, founder – 2004
TISTR (Thai Institute of Scientific and Technology Research) – finished clinical trials on herbal substances (Musacid) -2009
Federation of Thai Industries – member
Thai Russian Business Council – advisor
Union of Thai Traditional Medicine Association – advisor 2006-2011
Chulalongkorn University Faculty of Science – Plan for joint R&D project with 3 Laboratories: A. Einstein’s Laboratory on Antigravity, Nicola Tesla’s Laboratory on Electrodynamics, Meta Physics or Psychophysics
Rangsit University – finished two clinical trials on herbal substances (Ka-Min-Chan & Tri-Pa-La)
Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla Scientific Foundation – Vice President and Co Founder 2009, Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla Scientific Foundation – President, 2013 – present.

Moscow State University after M.V. Lomonosov (MA)
Graduated from University of Friendship of People after P. Lumumba (Moscow) with the Thesis in “Expansion of human abilities for perception, recognition and memorizing data”

Hobby – Life Experience & Advanced Research

Public Recognition:

  2. Thai Russian Association on Technology and Economic Development (TRATED): Co-founder, Board Vice-President.

TRATED Objectives:

  1. To be an information center for the exchange of knowledge, opinions and experiences between Thailand and the Russian Federation.
  2. To support and promote cooperation between the Russian Federation and Thailand in various areas of commercial and economic development, technologies, education, culture, etc.
  3. To coordinate with other private and government organizations in promoting cooperation between Thailand and the Russian Federation.
  4. To carry out studies and research in order to help develop cooperation between Thailand and the Russian Federation.
  5. To work for the mutual benefit of joint Thai/Russian organizations.

TRATED (registered in 2002) has organized the following events:

  1. Nanotechnology conference (17.07.2002, SOFITEL Central Plaza)
  2. Reception and press conference welcoming the First Lady Astronaut, H.E. Valentina Tereshkova (23.09.2002, SOFITEL Central Plaza)
  3. Anti-aging seminar (17.12.2002, SOFITEL Central Plaza)

  1. Training medical personnel for advanced medicinal technologies
  2. The Energy Medicine in Thai Traditional Medicine approach
  3. Completed first stage of clinical trials “Correction of Cerebrocardiovascular Syndrome, CCVS, by MRIT, Molecular Resonance Imaging Technology, to Accelerate the Recovery after Moderate Stroke (2008)
  4. Discovering the Origin of Cancer s (R&D)

ALBERT EINSTEIN AND NIKOLA TESLA SCIENTIFIC FOUNDATION established in -2009 – 2010 – Vice president and Co Founder 2009, President – since 2013
Established in 2009 in Thailand, the Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla Scientific Foundation is focused on building an advanced (higher) level in education, science and technology; supporting the excellent research in a sustainable manner and encouraging the very best, truly creative scientists to go beyond established frontiers of knowledge and the boundaries of disciplines.
Funded projects are identified by a top-class, independent scientific commission.
Donations and capital contributions are welcome.

• Support of excellent top-class research projects.
• Facilitate new forms of cooperation between universities, and research institutes as well as between the brightest of the world’s global scientific citizenry.
• Evaluate new fields of research and in an advisory role, assist in placing future emphases.
• Initiate collaboration between research institutes and corporations.
• Establish an institutional platform for future forms of cooperation and collaboration within the research community.

Established 2 research projects:
o Vacuum Energy Research Institute
o Research project “The Brain”

• EXPERIMENTAL DETECTION OF A SCALAR ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD (2008) M.A. Lobova, G.I.Shipov, Moscow State University, Russia; Supakit Chotigo, Tawatchai Laosirihongthong, King Mongkut’s University of Technology, Thonbury, Bangkok
• Neuroscience and biomedical research.
The 36th Congress on Science and Technology of Thailand, Organizer: The Science Society of Thailand Under the Patronage of His Majesty the King,
“Preterm birth by caesarean section (PCS) may cause long term adverse impacts on infant’s immune system development and lead to future mental disorders due to retardation and imbalances of neural signal transmission, at
• Scalar radiation in vacuum electrodynamics. Theory and experiment (СКАЛЯРНОЕ ИЗЛУЧЕНИЕ В ВАКУУМНОЙ ЭЛЕКТРОДИНАМИКЕ. ТЕОРИЯ И ЭКСПЕРИМЕНТ) Шипов Г.И, Лобова М.А., AENT Journal
• Antigravity Probe,;

Neuroscience and Bio medical research
• “Preterm birth by caesarean section (PCS) may cause long term adverse impacts on infant’s immune system development and lead to future mental disorders due to retardation and imbalances of neural signal transmission, at
• “A scientific report on effects of a chanting session on body and mind”,
Publicity: Forbidden Science

2010: National Research Council of Thailand: “A Window to Future Technologies”
2011: National Research Council of Thailand: “The Mechanism of Action of Radioactive Iodine-131”
2011: 3rd International Bangkok Congress on Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine (BCAARM) and International Thaicosderm Congress on Aesthetic Medicine which was held at the Bangkok Convention Centre, Thailand, September 2011: “New Paradigm in Antiaging Technologies”

Case studies and professional experience (Neuroscience)
• Cerebrocardiovascular incidents
• Fever of Unknown Origin
• Cancer origins
• Psychiatric and Mental Ailments
• Rare Immune Disorder of Unknown Origin

Ongoing biomedical research:
• Alzheimer cases: origins and solutions.
• Autistic disorders in children: origins and potential solutions
• Research on Cancer Origins
• Discovery of 8 Neuro channels creating Ѱ-Phase Portrait
• A State of an Acute Stress Puts off the Perception of Time Continuum in Human Brain
• Neuro test (new method)

Ongoing physical research and experiments:
• Antigravity Probe – 2011
• Experiment on Detection of Super Cold Plasma Resulting in a Discovery of a New State of Plasma with Temperatures Below 0oC (within Room Temperatures) – 2011.

Intellectual Property:
• Vacuum Torsion Propulsion System, Thai Patent N 25133, issued 19 December 2008 (Inventor – G. Shipov, Filed by M. Lobova)
• Super Cold Plasma: New Product, Method & Device, Thai Patent filed in December 2013, (Inventors: G. Shipov, M. Lobova, Filed by G. Shipov, M. Lobova)