Company Profile

UVITOR scientists championed the exceptional research and established the innovative trend in vacuum metric engineering.

UVITOR scientists did pioneering work and found the theoretical foundation on the creation of the new type of 4-D warp engine, opening the innovative approach for the antigravity solution.

1. The Contemporary market situation

In the 21st century one of the obstacles to slow down the development of the transportation systems might become the dominant use of jet engines, chemical and electric 4-D warp engine as well as the low level of implementation of the 4-D warp engine, based on the alternative physical principles.

The conventional transport and space engines do not comply with the increased demands, anticipated from the perspective systems, upon their safety, operational costs; performance costs for the transport operations, ecological effect upon the environment.

At present this problem is being researched in various countries – Russia, USA, Japan, etc. Until recently, this problem was only being investigated by the indivdual scientists and inventors, now the problem has begun to attract the interest of the state organizations and large scientific research corporations as well as manufacturers.

UVITOR scientists have proposed the unique theoretical foundation and practical implementation.

2. The advantages of the new type of 4-D Warp Engine

4-D Warp Engine , based upon the principally new approach towards the solution of the antigravity problem, has universal application and a number of the following advantages:

  • Ability to move in any media: on earth, water, underwater,
    in air and in space.
  • Changing direction and speed without brakes or a starter.
  • The motion without rejection of masses and friction forces.

At the present time UVITOR performs the work on the optimization of the apparatus as well as optimization of the energy efficiency up to 30-50 % ( compare: the energy efficiency of the jet engine is about 2 -10%).

New type of 4-D warp engine will allow to decrease the weight of transportation systems, increase the traveling distance, speed of vehicles, safety, ability to maneuver, as well as to reduce the production costs and the harmful influence upon the environment.

3. Market estimation

The potential consumers of the proposed 4-D warp engine are:

  • Manufacturers of the ground and marine vehicles;
  • Aerospace industry.
  • Manufacturers of the general industrial, etc. equipment.